Product Details

Elf LMS will be replaceed by Elf Core 50 in Ausralia during 2021

Manufactured to FIA specifications under strict quality control worldwide

CAMS Compliance = Unleaded Racing Fuel.

Elf LMS is a trusted competition racing fuel.


  • 102 RON 90 MON 
  • 2.5% Oxygen
  • Unleaded.

Elf LMS was a control fuel option for:

  • The Australian GT Championship
  • The Bathurst 12 Hour.

    Elf LMS can be supplied in 20-litre, 50-litre or 200-litre drums.Elf Core 50 will be available in these drums sizes and loacations:

    • Melbourne: Dandenong South = 20-litre, 50-litre, 200-litre drums
    • Sydney: Wetherill Park = 50-litre, 200-litre drums
    • Brisbane: Acacia Ridge= 50-litre, 200-litre drums

    We can arrange "next-day" delivery to metro areas from the storage locations listed above.


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