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Red Rooster Sydney SuperNight 300

Supercars Round - Sydney Motorsport Park


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RaceFuels is on site with fuels dispensed via bowsers at the fuel compound.



Complies with CAMS Schedule G: "pump fuel"

Collected directly from the refinery terminal and delivered immediately into drums or direct to the circuit, RaceFuels 98 RON is batch tested and dyed for the purpose of supply into motor racing.

  • RaceFuels 98 RON is supplied to both Carrera Cup Australia and Carrera Cup Asia
  • RaceFuels 98 RON is a control fuel option for Australian GT

E85 RaceBlend (Shell Racing Fuel)

Complies with CAMS Schedule G: "commercial fuel"

Batch tested, this product is blended with 85% fuel ethanol and 15% 98 RON petrol.

  • E85 RaceBlend is the control fuel for the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship

Elf LMS 102 RON

Complies with CAMS Schedule G: "unleaded racing fuel"

FIA Specification, importored Racing Fuel, 102 RON + 90 MON + 2.5% Oxygen

  • Elf LMS is a control fuel option for the Virgin Australian GT Championship





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