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RaceFuels are again the nominated fuel supplier for Challenge Bathurst: SuperSprint and Regularity.

A $100 fuel credit is available per entry 

To obtain fuel (and the fuel credit) here are the steps: 

1, complete the fuel account registration form and submit to racefuels 
2, present at the "RaceFuels" check in station on arrival at the event (as part of paperwork check) 
3, you will have the opportunity to omplete the fuel account registration form at check in BUT SAVE TIME: do it now 
4, confirm you details, car number, fuel type with us and recieve your fuel card 
5, take your fuel card with you to the fuel compound 
6, you will not be charged for the initial collection of fuel up to the value of $100 

If you do not wish to recieve fuel or for some reason you can not continue in the event it is important to note there are no refunds for this fuel credit. 

We want you to take full advantage of your fuel credit! Be sure to collect $100 worth. Take the fuel by any means possible: eg bring your road car or hire car or mates car down to the fuel compound with your fuel card. 

Alternatively you many nominate for another competitior to recieve your fuel credit, please ensure that you have completed the "credit transfer form" to ensure we can offer this for you.  





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