RaceFuels Trackside

Quality Control

All fuel is batch tested and supplied in volumes required - supply is assured for the complete event for all competitors. Supply is based on parameters agreed upon by event organisers or individual competitors.

Fuel supply is available throughout Australia within 24 hours. Delivery is fully compliant with relevant standards and state and national codes. Empty drums and unused fuel is collected and managed through similar compliant protocols.

At the Track

Compliant and safe means of storage and dispensing is provided without added cost to the venue. At selected circuits, these facilities are permanent and available 24/7 for up to four different types of fuels.

RaceFuels staff deliver and remove all fuels, storage and dispensing facilities in accordance with the event timetable and safety protocols. Excess fuel is not stored on site except where permanent infrastructure exists.

For Event Managers

RaceFuels ensures that all fuel activities meet safety and compliance regulations.

The company provides a professional approach to risk management and mitigates reputation risk associated with adhoc or unsafe practices or suppliers.

Race Fuels' practices ensure events are not interrupted by fuel safety issues and therefore: are more likely to run on time and budget; public and competitor safety is never compromised, and fuel and associated facilities are installed and removed within agreed timeframes.

As a result RaceFuels adds to the professionalism of the promotors brand.

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