Fuel Specifications

Oxygen 3.6%
RON 102
MON 90
Density 0.748

ELF CORE 50 is the latest offering of FIA compliant racing fuel and is used at many international events around the world, including all SRO GT World Challenge events.

This unleaded racing fuel is designed to be used either in naturally-aspirated or turbo-charged engines.

Validation tests were performed on naturally aspirated GT3 engines with results showing a general improvement in terms of power and knock resistance compared to ELF LMS.

ELF CORE 50 Technical Data Sheet

  • ELF CORE 50 is compliant with the 2020 FIA Appendix J Regulations.

  • ELF CORE 50 is compliant with Motorsport Australia’s Schedule G unleaded racing fuel.

ELF CORE 50 provides significant enhancement in power and reliability, even with no finetuning. However, to receive full benefit of this product, engine mapping must be optimized (Air/Fuel ratio, ignition, timing). 

For 2-stroke engines, ELF CORE 50 , can be mixed with the lubricant ELF HTX 909 or with ELF HTX 976+ for even more efficiency.

To maintain its original properties, in accordance with the Fuel Health
and Safety regulations, ELF CORE 50 should be handled and stored in the shade and sheltered from adverse weather conditions and must be perfectly sealed in its drum after each use.

Safety Data Sheet

ELF CORE 50 on track

GT World Challenge: Asia

Bathurst 12 Hour

GT World Challenge: Aus