Developed for all types of racing as an alternative to leaded AVGAS from mid-2019 many historic racing competitors transitioned successfully to ELF RACE 102. The fuel meets the economic expectations of Australian racers, while providing both quality and performance expected from a racing fuel.


ELF RACE 102 is suitable for naturally aspirated and turbo-charged 4-stroke engines as well as for 2-stroke engines. It is an engineered fuel with lubricity additives to provide protection to engines which previously used leaded fuel. It is also a popular fuel with Sports Sedans, Improved Production and sports car racing.

ELF RACE 102 is not compliant with official FIM or FIA regulations.
ELF RACE 102 is compliant with Motorsport Australia’s Schedule G unleaded racing fuel.
ELF RACE 102 meets Motorsport Australia’s fifth category requirements.