Fuel Specifications

Oxygen Content 3%
RON >102
MON >88
No Ethanol 100% Hydrocarbon

Developed for all types of racing, ELF RACE 102 meets the economic expectations of Australian Racers, while providing the quality and performance of a racing fuel.

Fully European imported with a formulation that guarantees a fuel with an octane number greater than 102 and with properties that remain stable over time.

  • ELF RACE 102 meets Motorsport Australia’s Schedule G unleaded racing fuel.
  • ELF RACE 102 meets Motorsport Australia’s fifth category requirements.
  • ELF RACE 102 is not compliant with official FIM or FIA regulations.

Safety Data Sheet

Pump Fuel:

  • Designed for Domestic Road use
  • Specification varies dependent upon base product, available additives and season.

ELF Race 102

  • Fully European imported and specifically made for racing.
  • Blended by TotalEnergies Additives & Fuel Solutions
  • Consistent specification
  • Faster and cleaner burn with less carbon deposits.
  • Higher octane designed for greater engine protection against denotation
  • Improves throttle response.
  • Oxygen content that improves horsepower.
  • Made to European Standards.


ELF RACE 102 on track

Porsche Carrera Cup

S5000 Championship

Touring Car Masters