Fuel Specifications

Ethanol 85%
98RON 15%
Density 0.79
RON 106.3


RaceFuels blends, tests and distributes E-85 RACE BLEND from our Dandenong South facility, in a partnership with BP Australia to fuel the entire Supercars Championship field.

Since 2020, RaceFuels has produced half a million litres of E-85 RACE BLEND annually, meeting the strict specifications set by BP Australia & Supercars to deliver consistent and quality racing fuel.

Outside of Supercars use, RaceFuels distributes E-85 RACE BLEND across Australia and New Zealand supplying circuit, drift and speedway activities.

Yes! E-85 RACE BLEND is available nationwide across Australia and New Zealand allowing all customers to access the same fuel that is used to power the Supercars Championship.

E-85 RACE BLEND is available to customers in Australia & New Zealand via delivery, as well as at the following locations:

  • RaceFuels HQ via bowser and drums – Dandenong South, VIC
  • Sydney Motorsport Park via bowser – Eastern Creek, NSW
  • Winton Raceway via drums – Winton, VIC

For further enquiries or to order contact RaceFuels HQ on (03) 9706 5233 or fuelorder@racefuels.com.au

To create E-85 RACE BLEND, RaceFuels blends a consistent formula of 85% ethanol derived from a single source with 15% BP Ultimate (98RON). Batch tests are performed throughout the production process to ensure both quality and consistency.

In comparison, the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Determination allows for Pump E-85 to be blended with between 70-85% ethanol and 15-30% unleaded petrol.

E-85 RACE BLEND is dyed green for identification.

RaceFuels’ uses a single source of ethanol derived from Manildra wheat.

E-85 Race Blend meets Motorsport Australia Regulations: Schedule G: Commercial Fuel

Available Trackside:

E-85 Race Blend on track

Repco Supercars

Drift Racing

Dunlop Series