Fuel Specifications

Ethanol 85%
98RON 15%
Density 0.79
RON 106.3

RaceFuels began blending E-85 RACE BLEND in a partnership with Supercars and BP Australia in 2020, with RaceFuels taking on the full responsibility for the production of half a million litres per year, with every litre meeting the strict specifications of BP Australia and Supercars.

Although no longer supplied to the Supercars Championship, RaceFuels continues to blend and batch test E-85 RACE BLEND to a consistent formula. Tests are performed throughout the production process, with consistency of blends between batches the key to RaceFuels’ quality control.


RaceFuels continues to supply  E-85 RACE BLEND to the public across Australia, as well as supplying in bulk to permanent on-demand track side bowsers at Sydney Motorsport Park and Queensland Raceway.


RaceFuels stores 200L drums of E-85 RACE BLEND in third party

warehouses nationwide. Delivery is available to most locations. 
Please contact info@racefuels.com.au for more information

In 2022, RaceFuels established distribution of it’s E-85 RACE BLEND to New Zealand, supplying approximately 100,000 litres annually across the country.

RaceFuels E-85 RACE BLEND is also stored in an Auckland third-party warehouse and is available via delivery to most locations. Contact RaceFuels on info@racefuels.com.au or +613 9706 5233 (Available Monday – Friday AEDT)

Alternatively, RaceFuels NZ has two local suppliers – click here to find out more


E-85 Race Blend on track

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